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I'm a writer through and through, who lives to write and writes to live. I'm currently taking an interest course in college as a follow-up to my full program, and I have a job doing data entry at an accounting firm. I have many political, social, and personal opinions which are somewhat controversial, but I am always nice to someone if they are nice to me.
I'm also bisexual and a lifetime member of the ever-growing Forever Alone Club. And no, I don't have a waifu.

Favourite Artists: :iconnightpark: :iconateliae:
League of Associated Malcontents:
:iconflippedoutkyrii: :iconshocksterstudios137: :iconyelzaek: :iconlive-love-forgive: :iconmediatoriridescent: :icondimensionaldragons: :iconmagical-fear: :iconjjtninja: :iconalex-unknown-forever:
Drawing Tools: CSP, Photoshop CS2
Drawing Tablet: Intuos Pro Medium

New to Creepypasta? Here's some Tips to Get you Started!

Creepypasta for Dummies: Getting StartedCreepypasta for Dummies: Getting Started
The hardest part of any creative endeavor is getting started. This is particularly true of the creepypasta fandom. It can be overwhelming, seeing so much quality literature and artwork, and in some cases it can even be demoralizing if you think you’ll never be able to create anything as good as your favourites. I know I felt that way when I was first getting into it myself. I was overwhelmed by what I saw as an overabundance of great ideas, and I felt mine just couldn’t compete. Fortunately my first pasta “A Very Misleading Diary” was well-received, and that gave me the confidence to continue. But maybe you haven’t been so lucky. Maybe you wrote something good that was bashed on, or maybe you haven’t even written your first pasta because you just don’t know where to begin. Well, this guide is for you.
First off, not every creepypasta story has to be based around a character or OC. Most of the classic one
Creating a Passive Creepypasta OCCreating a Passive Creepypasta OC
What words strike fear into the hearts of readers? If I may quote Patrick Star, “He’s just standing there! Menacingly!” Think about it. You never see Slenderman ripping people’s heads off, and you don’t know what he does with the children he takes, but it’s precisely because of his dull disinterest with the world around him that he’s made scary. Slenderman wouldn’t be nearly as well-known if he just ran around stabbing people like a certain other famous pasta. Nothing against Jeff, but subtlety is not his forte. In keeping with this theme, in today’s Pasta for Dummies article I’ll be getting into how to make a careless, quasi-submissive pasta who can inspire terror without even needing to lift a measly finger. Sounds cool, no?
First off, while it’s not on the required reading list, I highly recommend you read up on :iconoratortormented:’s Rainmen as an example of what I
How to Create a Glitch/Cybernetic Creepypasta OCHow to Create a Glitch/Cybernetic Creepypasta OC
Bonjourno! It’s been a while since I did one of these pasta guide things, which only means it’s high time I got my butt in gear and made another. In this one I’ll be talking about a type of OC which a lot of people don’t like, but which I do firmly believe can be done well: the “glitch” OC. I’ll be covering the “cybernetic” OC type as well, because this is a really cool kind of character that I’m surprised isn’t more popular. If you’ve never heard of that character, think a person who is partially mechanical whether by accident or design, i.e. a cyborg. Of course, it would also be fine to make your cybernetic OC 100% robotic and automated.
Essentially, both cybernetic and glitch characters are a variety of creepypasta OC which rely on technology (most often computers) to accomplish their vile deeds. The most popular glitch character of all time is, without question,
Creating A Hybrid Creepypasta OCCreepypasta for Dummies: Creating a Hybrid Creepypasta OC
Greeting and salutations, fellow Pastanians. Today we’ll be looking into creating an interesting type of creepypasta OC which you’ve probably run into before, even if you didn’t know it: the “hybrid” model of OC. “What is a hybrid?”, I’m sure you’re wondering. Well, a hybrid is essentially an OC which blends elements from several different types of character templates. In recognition of the fact that :iconinvaderika: gave me the inspiration for this guide and ideas for the content, we’ll use a hybrid character of hers in the form of the Slender-doll Ally for our initial example.
First off, before we talk about anything else, you should make sure the elements you’re mixing make sense in a logical context. Just because creepypasta is supposed to foster creativity doesn’t mean you can blindly mix and mash elements from different models and still expect it to wo
Creating a Slenderman Proxy OCCreepypasta for Dummies: Creating A Slenderman Proxy OC
Bonjour, howdy, and konnichiwa to all! First of all, the idea for this Creepypasta for Dummies was given to me by the wonderful :iconjunabugcreepypastas: so I just wanted to give her credit where credit is due. Also, some of the advice given here may appear in a slightly different format in my other articles, but I wanted to bring together all the relevant info on proxies into one handy-dandy guide.
Now then, I think it would be fair to state that the most common type of creepypasta OC is the proxy. What is it about proxies that fascinates us so much? Personally I think the key component is Slenderman himself. Let’s face it, Slenderman is cool to the core, plain and simple. He’s mysterious, creepy-looking, he can teleport and interfere with recording devices, what’s not to like? Everyone loves Slenderman. So I think the most essential factor of a good proxy OC is what their relationship with Slenderman himself is
Some Do's And Don'ts When Writing a CreepypastaSome Do’s and Don’ts when Writing a Creepypasta
Good evening or whatever time it is when you read this, my fellow Pastanians. I’ve written quite a few guides on how to create a creepypasta OC that I hope you’ve found helpful. However, I haven’t written as much on how to write an actual creepypasta story. I know there are plenty of people who want to write stories with their own OC’s, those belonging to other people, or just about creepy stuff in general. So I’ll be breaking down three things you shouldn’t do and three things you should do for all ya’ll.
I’m gonna quote my good friend and fellow creepypasta designer :iconjch2897: on the first point:
“First off, do not overdo gore and violence. There might be readers who get squeamish around gore, but don't be pouring out blood and entrails every minute of the story and don't use it too much. That makes the story boring to read and that scare factor will wear thin quickly.
Creating Interactions Between Creepypasta OC'sCreating Interactions between Creepypasta OC's
Hello to all you out there in the creepypasta community! In this continuation of my guides on pasta creation, we’ll be talking about making your own fancanon for both official characters and your own OC’s. Or your own pastaverse, as it were. Basically, I’ve noticed that a lot of people create a good OC that may even have a good story. Problems occur, however, when the topic of how their own characters fit in with the other pastas they interact with comes up.
First off, I should mention that a lot of people, particularly many traditionalists, dislike the idea of their OC’s existing in the same “universe” as other pastas. There is some truth to this because there’s nothing wrong with making your creepypastas have their own personal existence like this, in a world where they are the only monsters out there. However, you can still have a good story if your OCs end up interacting with other people
How to Give Your Creepypasta OC a Good BackstoryHow to Give Your Creepypasta OC a Good Backstory
Howdy to all my fellow pastamakers! Not the food kind, the other kind. Anyway, in this particular guide I thought I’d share what advice I can on creating a proper backstory for your OC. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of great OCs out there who are missing a background on how they came to be and why they do what they do. Creating an origin story for your OC is as important in my opinion as giving them a memorable appearance and personality.
There's one model in particular I use for my once-human character, but you can follow it too if you so wish. It includes a set-up that describes who the character was and what they and their life used to be like, a dramatic incident which marks the transition to a Creepypasta, and an awakening to their new life as a creature of horror.
(I should mention that for the sake of simplicity we’ll just be assuming you character was once or is still human for this exercise. Besides, if som
How to Avoid Making Your Creepypasta OC a Mary SueHow to Avoid Making Your Creepypasta OC a Mary Sue
For this part of my continuing series on making a quality OC, we’re going to talk about the most dreaded two words for any serious author: “Mary Sue”, or “Gary Stu” as it’s called for male characters.
What is a Mary Sue? Different people seem to have different definitions but there is one in particular I am familiar with, and the one most often found in creepypasta Mary Sues. This is the type that is basically the author, only cooler, sexier, and always quick with a bad punchline when they kill someone, with more friends than the author does but still oh so tragic and misunderstood. They probably have cat ears and maybe a mask. And they are always way, way overpowered. Oh, and all the male creepypastas are in love with them. You know the type of character I’m talking about.
Now, not every character that has just a few of these traits is a Mary Sue. So don’t jump the gun and throw away a c
Creating a Non-Human Creepypasta OC for DummiesCreating a Non-Human Creepypasta OC for Dummies
Alright, we’re back for round two on making a pasta OC. In my initial guide (which you can read in the link below) I tried to provide the foundations for making a good pasta OC. Assuming that the foundations to the building were for a house so your pastas had someplace nice to live in, let’s add a backyard pool and a second floor to that house. By which I mean let’s talk about an important aspect of making characters interesting as well as making interesting characters: non-human OCs. Since “non-human” is a pretty broad term, we’ll divide it into three common divisions for creepypastas: daemons, spirits/ghosts, and monsters.
Daemons are my personal preference in that literally every single one of my OCs is at least partially daemonic, but this is more due to the universe I built for my stories than laziness…I hope. Why daemons? Simple: Hell is the ultimate scare in that a lot of people, myself in

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Barbarism is the natural state of Mankind. Civilisation is unnatural, it is a whim of circumstance, and Barbarism must always ultimately triumph.
- Robert E. Howard

And in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed, nor shall the kingdom be left to another people. It shall break in pieces all these kingdoms and bring them to an end, and it shall stand forever.
- Daniel 2:44



15 Days Left in the Contest!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 20, 2017, 7:26 AM
Howdy all! Just thought I'd remind you all that my ultra fab $85-prize contest has 15 days left til the due date. You can read all the details for the contest here:
Contest with $85 in Prizes and Cool OC Designs!Howdy everyone! Man you guys are awesome. My last contest went really well, and I think it's high time I held another. 
How do you participate? It's as simple as drawing a character from my Frozen in Time e-book series. Also, I can't stress this enough: if you're participating, please write a journal entry letting other people know about the contest. Last time quite a few people seemed to miss that part. The reason I'm asking for that is just so that as many people as possible know I'm hosting this.
1. All you gotta do, essentially, is draw one of the lead characters from the e-book (references are below).
2. If you're entering, write a journal entry letting people know about the contest and linking people to the official group, found here: (Also, even if you don't enter this, it'd be greatly appreciated if you spread the word somehow!)
3. General ecchiness or even full nudity is fine, so long as you keep it reasonably ta

Also, I want to thank :iconateliae: for her vignette prompt. It's prompted me to use it to reveal a major chunk of Jérrah's backstory. Initially I'd planned to reveal it in a later novel, which I'll probably still insert it into, but that project won't start for several years, so I figured I'd use it now. Jérrah seems to be the most popular character in Frozen in Time, so I'm sure a lot of you will like learning about how he became a Shade. ^^

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This continuing series is my pride and joy. It's an unholy mixture of Dungeons and Dragons, Lovecraft, and even a bit of Japanese literary influence all rolled into a sleek pulp fantasy package.

Book One: The Hungering Light
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Literature/Poetry Commission (500 Words)
Purchase as many as you'd like; for instance, a 2500-word short story would come to 1000 :points:. My preferred genres are Fantasy, Sci-fi, Romance, Humor, Action/Adventure, and Horror.
Please don't pay using the widget. Instead, donate the points directly to me after I confirm I feel comfortable with the subject matter.
Firearm Design
Can be either an existing firearm or an original concept of yours. Please don't pay using the widget; instead, donate the points directly to me after I confirm I can take the commission on.

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I know a few talented artists I'd like to request commissions from, and any points you could spare would really help! Even a small amount is better than nothing at all! ^^

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